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Beziers, France

9 kWp



One of the main features of Sun Ballast systems concerns their versatility: in fact, the ballasts make it possible to install photovoltaic systems quickly and easily on any type of flat surface, from residential terrace floors to the gravel roofs of apartment buildings and industrial plants.

This 9 kWp system-installed in Beziers (France) by our customer Visiodevis.com – was mounted on a gravel surface, and the installation of the structures required no prior preparation; indeed, the ballasts were simply placed on the roofing layer, reducing installation time by more than 30 % while ensuring the highest level of wind resistance.

Sun Ballast’s Connect system – used here in its 15° inclination version – is in fact composed of three different types of structure: a front ballast, a central ballast and an end ballast; thanks to the connection of all the structures in a single collaborating grid, this system allows loads to be distributed in a perfectly balanced way over the entire surface, lightening the roof and ensuring the panels the best level of stability and safety, even when the plant is located in areas particularly exposed to winds and weather.

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