JV Energy - Jarovce, Slovakia

JV Energy

Jarovce, Slovakia

5.7 kWp



Successfully used in both large PV systems and for small residential installations, Sun Ballast’s Connect system offers designers and installers of PV systems numerous advantages, starting with wind resistance: in fact, the three ballasts that make up the system make it possible to connect all the structures and PV panels of the system in a single grid, balancing the distribution of weights on the roof and ensuring maximum stability even in the presence of intense atmospheric stresses.

The 5.7 kWp system visible in the photo was installed by our client JV Energy in Jarovce (Slovakia) on the gravel surface of a residential building, and thanks to the Connect 15° system, the installation provided the PV panels with the highest level of resistance to wind and snow loads.

The installation of the ballasts was also quick and easy, without the need for prior roofing preparations: the Sun Ballast structures can in fact be laid directly on the gravel surfaces as well, reducing installation time by more than 30 percent and facilitating all construction steps.

The application of the additional “U-shaped” weights also made it possible to further increase the stability of the system, ensuring maximum resistance to loads in all weather conditions.

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