ImpresaUno - Genova - Italy


Genova - Italy

6.63 kWp


Residential buildings with flat roofs are very common, and the number of photovoltaic systems mounted on these surfaces is continuously increasing. In fact, self-generation of electricity allows utilities to be guaranteed a stable price and greater autonomy, and ensuring that the system has a high level of productivity and efficiency means directly affecting the payback time of the investment. This is why the supporting structures play a key role: in addition to stability and wind resistance, the degree of space optimization and the overall performance of the PV system also depends on the structures, and all the Sun Ballast systems are designed to ensure the best level of efficiency and quick and easy installation on any type of roofing.

This 6.63 kWp system was built in Genoa by our client ImpresaUno on a flat sheathed surface, and the use of the 5° Sail system made it possible to make the most of all the space dedicated to the plant: by modulating the height of each row of panels, the distance between them is completely eliminated, placing the rows side by side with increasing height until they form a single “sail” of modules that is extremely solid, efficient and productive.

Then the presence of any obstacles is not a problem: the length of the rows is very easily adjusted, quickly adapting the conformation of the plant to the specific characteristics of the roof.

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