ImpresaUno - Genova, Italy


Genova, Italy

12 kWp


30 photovoltaic panels, zero distance between rows and maximum efficiency: this installation was realized by Impresa Uno on the rooftop of a residential building in Genoa, and thanks to Sun Ballast support systems the installation was carried out in a simple, fast and professional way

The possibility of easily handling the structures without the need for fixing makes the positioning very fast and precise – even on delicate surfaces such as roofs – and the Vela 5° system combines practicality with other important advantages, starting from the optimization of the available spaces: in this configuration, the six rows of panels are arranged side by side with increasing height, reducing to zero both the distance between them and the possible shadows of one row on the other.

In this way, it is possible to make the best use of all the space dedicated to the system, increasing the overall efficiency of the system and guaranteeing the best productive yield (this system generates in total more than 12 kWp, and has been modulated for two different utilities of 6.22 kWp each).

Particularly suitable for all those residential contexts where the priority is to optimize to the maximum the available spaces, the Sun Ballast sailing system guarantees in every situation the best performance and the maximum quality of the installation.

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