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Ies Energy - Lana, Italy

Ies Energy

Lana, Italy

15.96 kWp



Successfully used for both small residential installations and large photovoltaic systems on the roofs of industrial buildings, Sun Ballast’s East-West system offers planners and installers numerous advantages, starting with the level of productivity: exposing the photovoltaic panels in two different directions in fact allows for increased hours of irradiation, distributing power generation from dawn to dusk and ensuring high performance even for systems placed on buildings with suboptimal orientation.

Indeed, increasing the exposure period makes it possible to balance production shortfalls resulting from a limited number of hours of light-as is the case in many Northern European countries-or from shading resulting from trees, other buildings, or mountainous relief. This is the case of the system visible in the photo, built in Lana – a small town in the province of Bolzano – by our client Ies Energy: the installation of the ballasts was done quickly and easily, resting the structures directly on the gravel roof and ensuring the photovoltaic system the highest level of wind resistance, efficiency and reliability.

The use of Sun Ballast’s East-West 15° system – thanks to the special arrangement of the modules in pairs of opposing rows – then made it possible to easily exceed 15 kWp of clean energy, ensuring a high and constant yield throughout the day even in a mountainous area.

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