Icaro srl - Pescara - Italy

Icaro srl

Pescara - Italy

15.6 kWp



From large photovoltaic systems built on industrial sheds and commercial establishments, to smaller ones installed on the flat roofs of residential buildings: the Connect system from Sun Ballast is an efficient, solid and reliable solution, ideal when the goal is to offer the system the best level of stability and resistance to wind loads.

Indeed, by uniting all the structures into a single grid, the Connect system allows loads to be distributed throughout the roof, offering optimal weight balance and maximum resilience to stresses resulting from weather phenomena.

When exposure to winds is particularly intense, it is then always possible to integrate a few accessories: the additional weights-here placed on the perimeter ballasts-are in fact compatible with all Sun Ballast systems, and do not require any type of attachment. Simply place them on the ballasts, increasing the overall stability of the installation in a matter of minutes.

The one realized in Loreto Aprutino (Pescara) by our client Icaro Srl reaches a total of 15.6 kWp of power (divided into two systems of 11 and 4.6 kWp, respectively), and the installation was done quickly and easily by circumventing the chimney in the center of the roof.

Like all Sun Ballast systems, the Connect – here in the 15° model – in fact allows the length of the rows to be easily adjusted according to the specific characteristics of the roof, ensuring not only the best wind resistance, but also quick and easy installation on any type of flat roofing.

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