GTS SA - Chavannes-près-Renens - Swiss


Chavannes-près-Renens - Swiss

31.15 kWp



When designing a photovoltaic system, there are always many variables to consider, and to manage them in the best possible way, skill and experience are needed above all.

In the case of this installation made in Chavannes-près-Renens (Switzerland), our client GTS SA had to deal with a gravel roof, various obstacles and a parapet with variable heights.

His professionalism, combined with the solid expertise of the Sun Ballast Technical Office and the quality of the selected structures, has led to a truly excellent result: 31.15 KWp of clean energy generated by a solid and reliable system.

The East-West system of Sun Ballast – visible here in two different heights – makes it possible to achieve high, constant and distributed production throughout the day. The possibility of selecting structures with different heights has also made it possible to manage the shading caused by the parapet in the most effective way, guaranteeing the best exposure and maximum efficiency of the system.

Like all Sun Ballast solutions, the East-West system is in fact flexible and modular, and makes it possible to optimize all the space available on the roof in the best possible way, easily bypassing obstacles and easily adapting to all types of surfaces: not requiring any fixing hole, the structures are in fact simply placed, and even in the presence of gravel, installation proceeds quickly and easily.

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