GS STUDIO & SERVICE - Castel Goffredo - Italy


Castel Goffredo - Italy

642 kWp


The ideal solution when the building’s exposure is not optimal, but also when the goal is to make the most of all the available space: in any situation, the Sun Ballast East-West system ensures the highest level of photovoltaic system of efficiency and productivity.

The particular arrangement of the structures allows in fact to optimize the management of the surfaces, joining the rows in pairs of opposing modules: by arranging the panels in two different directions – to the East and to the West – the hours of exposure to solar radiation increase, and the production electricity becomes constant throughout the day.

A great advantage, which in addition to allowing a potential lightening of the accumulation system, also allows to obtain a great resistance to the wind: the opposition of the modules in fact completely eliminates the sail effect, guaranteeing the installation the maximum level of resistance to mechanical stresses resulting from weather conditions.

For this 642 kWp power plant built on an industrial plant in Castel Goffredo, our customer GS Studio & Service relied on all the experience and expertise of the Sun Ballast technical service, right from the early design stages: the The technical office – made up of over 15 specialized professionals – in fact offers rapid, constant and free support along all the construction steps, and the East-West 5° system recommended for this installation guaranteed an extremely efficient, solid and productive plant. while ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

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