Eosol Srl - Sant'anna Arresi - Italy

Eosol Srl

Sant'anna Arresi - Italy

70 kWp



Implemented by Eosol Srl along the beautiful Sardinian coast, this 70 kWp photovoltaic system ensured the best level of efficiency and maximum satisfaction of the end customer.

In fact, thanks to the special characteristics of Sun Ballast structures, the installation took place easily respecting the agreed timetable, and the presence of the gravel on the roof did not require any prior preparation: the ballasts were simply laid, ensuring a simple, quick and smooth installation.

The Standard 10° system used in this installation also allows the distance between rows of panels to be freely adjusted, making installation much easier and faster even on those roofs particularly full of obstacles.

Considering also the frequency and intensity of wind phenomena that characterize the coastal climate, the stability of the installation was further consolidated by the integration of Sun Ballast’s Cablowind system: this special accessory combines in a single solution both the function of an additional weight and that of a channel for electrical cables, and the installation is done by fixing the metal collars directly on the bushings already pre-inserted in the back of the ballast, without the need to drill any additional holes.

With Cablowind, the distribution of loads is thus well balanced, and the possibility of inserting cables into the cable channel makes it possible to achieve a cleaner, more solid and professional end result, even from an aesthetic point of view.

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