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Flat roofs are very common among industrial and commercial buildings, but also in residential contexts you can find many potentially useful and productive surfaces, such as terraces and condominium roofs.

In these cases, the surface is often paved: to ensure a quality installation, it is therefore essential that the photovoltaic system uses structures that ensure the integrity of the roof, both from a structural and aesthetic point of view. This is why the Sun Ballast support structures are the ideal solution, even for systems installed on residential buildings: the ballasts do not need to be fixed to the surface but are simply placed, making installation extremely fast and not damaging the flooring in any way.

It is not necessary to make any fixing holes, and the installation of the structures is very simplified. For the 6 kwp system in the picture – installed in Minturno (LT) by our customer Energy Easy – the Standard system of 20 kg of inclination was chosen, a flexible and easy to modulate solution that allows the panels to be mounted vertically.

To ensure maximum resistance to wind loads and the best aesthetic result, two Sun Ballast accessories have also been added: the additional “U” weight and the Cablowind system; in addition to strengthening the tightness of the system, Cablowind also acts as a conduit, allowing the cables to be housed inside and ensuring a clean and professional end result.

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