Energie Verte Maison - Besancon - Francia

Energie Verte Maison

Besancon - Francia

9 kWp



The Sun Ballast structures do not need to be fixed to the surface on which you decide to place them, which is why they are suitable for installation on a multitude of flat surfaces. In this installation, it is possible to see how the same type of ballast of the Standard Sun Ballast system, with an inclination of 30 °, has been used both on a flat surface covered with gravel and on a green carpet. Thanks to the Standard system it is easy to realize a system based on the customer’s needs and also on the roof, in fact the rows of panels can vary in length to respect the conformation of the flat roof and can also be interrupted easily in the presence of obstacles such as skylights or fireplaces.

To further maximize the stability of the system and the entire plant, our customer Energie Verte Maison, supported by Sun Ballast technical office, chose to use Cablowind. Cablowind is the dual function Sun Ballast system that allows the correct accommodation of the cables and also acts as an additional ballast. Furthermore, its particular elongated shape allows it to be distributed in a more balanced way on the structure.

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