Energiapartner SIA - Liepāja - Latvia

Energiapartner SIA

Liepāja - Latvia

380.8 kWp



Liepāja is located on the Latvian coast, not too far from the border with Lithuania: exposure to the currents of the Baltic Sea makes it a particularly windy area, and one of the fundamental requirements for all photovoltaic systems built in this area is resistance to mechanical stresses generated by the wind.

From this point of view, the Sun Ballast systems represent a real point of reference: made with high quality materials and designed to ensure the highest level of stability, flexibility and ease of installation, the ballasts ensure truly record-breaking hold and resistance , while not requiring any fixing to the roof.

The wide range of solutions also makes it possible to select the most suitable system for each specific situation, evaluating – depending on the case – the most suitable exposure, height and inclination, and using several systems if necessary for the same building : this is what our customer Energiapartner has achieved in its latest plant, thanks to which this commercial establishment has started to generate 381.8 kWp of clean energy.

The two systems selected (both with an inclination of 15°) were the Connect and the East-West: if the first – uniting all the structures in a single grid – makes it possible to maximize the tightness of the system and to balance the distribution of the loads on the roof is better, the second allows to extend the hours of exposure to sunlight, making the production of energy high and constant throughout the day.

Thanks to the great modularity of the Sun Ballast systems, obstacle management was also simple, fast and effective, and the combination of the advantages of the Connect system with those of the East-West system guaranteed the perfect balance between resistance, efficiency and productivity.

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