Energia spa - Vigonovo - Italy

Energia spa

Vigonovo - Italy

40 kWp



A flat roof entirely covered with photovoltaic panels, without any space between the rows and with a conformation perfectly adapted to the specific characteristics of the roof: the new photovoltaic system created by Energia Spa is a true example of efficiency and flexibility, and the 40 kwp of power generated – combined with the overall reliability of the installation – have guaranteed maximum satisfaction of the final customer.

Built on the roof in sheath of a sausage factory in Vigonovo (in the province of Venice), the system has been installed using the East-West 10 system: like all Sun Ballast solutions, this system is extremely simple and flexible, qualities that have allowed to better manage all the obstacles on the cover and to carry out the installation quickly and without any hitch.

The particular arrangement of the panels – placed in opposite rows oriented East and West – also allows not only to achieve high levels of productivity, but also to distribute in a perfectly balanced way the generation of energy throughout the day, lightening the storage systems and ensuring excellent production continuity.

By pulling all the rows side by side, and completely eliminating the distance between them, the space available on this roof has also been completely optimized, ensuring the installation the highest level of efficiency.

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