Energia spa - Rosolina - Italy

Energia spa

Rosolina - Italy

260 kWp



Building a large photovoltaic system requires solid skills, from the first stages of design to the installation of the last panels: for this Sun Ballast offers all its customers a rapid support service, free and professional both during the drafting of the project and during the installation, ensuring the best level of precision, efficiency and safety to thousands of technicians around the world.

Also for this plant – built with the East-West 10 system by our customer Energia Spa on a Roman sanitary facility – the Technical Office provided the maximum support, and the final result ensured maximum customer satisfaction: more than 260 kwp of clean energy, high level of productivity and maximum installation speed.

Simple, efficient and easy to modulate, The East-West system of Sun Ballast has allowed you to manage with great ease the obstacles on the cover, interrupting the files freely and ensuring a high and constant energy production: the double orientation of photovoltaic modules increases the number of hours of exposure to solar radiation, balancing the generation of energy throughout the day and ensuring maximum efficiency even when the building does not enjoy an optimal orientation.

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