ENERGIA S.P.A - Cesano Maderno - Italy


Cesano Maderno - Italy

20 kWp


Realized in Cesano Maderno (MB) by our customer Energia Spa, this 20 kWp system was installed with Sun Ballast’s Standard 0° system, a simple and effective solution that allows to maximize all the available surface area, ensuring the best production performance of the photovoltaic system.

In this particular configuration with 0° of inclination, the ballasts in fact keep the panels coplanar to the roof, and the turbulence generated by the wind – such as the classic “sail effect” – is reduced to a minimum: the stability of the system is therefore guaranteed, and even in the presence of slightly inclined roofs, the stability of the installation is perfectly assured.

With the Standard 0° system, the modules are also exposed to sunlight for many hours a day, offering more constant energy production that is better distributed throughout the day. Thanks to the simplicity of the ballasts, the installation then took place quickly and easily: the PV panels were attached to the structures on the long side, and by not generating shading it was possible to completely zero the distance between rows.

The result is a surface entirely covered with modules, which made it possible to make the most of the entire coverage and achieve the highest level of stability, efficiency and reliability.

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