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Energetica Futura - Ragusa - Italy

Energetica Futura

Ragusa - Italy

50 kWp



Easy to install, with a low load in the roof but extremely resistant to wind actions, these are the main characteristics of the Connect system that allowed our customer Energetica Futura to realize this beautiful installation.

The extremely easy and quick to install Connect system consists of three concrete ballasts: a front, a central and a terminal, connected together to create a grid of panels extremely solid and resistant to wind actions. To further maximize the resistance of the plant our technical department in agreement with the customer, chose to double the use of ballast in some more exposed to air currents points, strategic points and identified by detailed calculations. However, this allows a low load on the cover to be maintained. An efficient solution for an installation capable of producing up to 50 kwp of renewable energy.

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