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ELPO SRL - Brunico - Italy


Brunico - Italy

32.83 kWp



This beautiful installation realized with Sun Ballast Shed after the renovation of the roof, which had undergone significant infiltrations due to the installation of a previous photovoltaic system.
This cannot happen with Sun Ballast structures since it is not necessary to fix them by drilling holes on the cover but simply place them.

The choice of the ballasts of the Shed-type Standard system is not accidental but strictly connected to the location particularly subject to strong winds in which the system was built. This particular ballast, in fact, thanks to its structure allows to install a windbreak casing in the rear part which is useful precisely to minimize the actions of the wind and therefore to avoid overturning of the structures.
Thanks to Sun Ballast structures, and the assistance of the technical office, our customer ELPO was able to create a stable and efficient installation capable of producing 32.83 kWp of clean energy.

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