Elektro Technik Zangerl (ETZ GmbH) - Elixhausen - Austria

Elektro Technik Zangerl (ETZ GmbH)

Elixhausen - Austria

10 kWp



A small system built on the flat roof of a building does not deserve the same care and attention as a large plant? That’s why the choice of support to use in this case could only fall on the Sun Ballast structure.

The Connect system is the system chosen by our customer ETZ GmbH in agreement with the Sun Ballast technical office. The best choice when you want to achieve maximum stability of the system without compromising on versatility. As you can see from the photos it is very easy to interrupt the rows of panels in case of obstacles, even in a system like the Connect that goes in the form of a grid of panels. Solidity, ease of installation and versatility are the main ingredients that have allowed to realize this installation capable of producing up to 10 kwp of renewable energy.

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