Elektro Gruber - Bolzano, Italy

Elektro Gruber

Bolzano, Italy

6 kWp



The photovoltaic system in the photo was built in Merano by Elektro Gruber, and thanks to the Single-Row 15° system, the installation was completed quickly and without any difficulty: the Sun Ballast concrete ballasts are in fact a simple and versatile solution, and allow for high-quality installations on any type of flat roof, from paved to gravel surfaces.

The Single-Row system is available in a wide range of inclinations from 0° to 30°, and allows for easy adjustment of panel positioning according to the specific characteristics of the roof: the modules can be fixed both horizontally and vertically, and the possibility to modulate without any constraints the distance between rows allows for easy circumvention of all obstacles on the roof while avoiding any shading.

The photovoltaic system installed by Elektro Gruber reached 6 kWp, and thanks to the innovative Cablowind system, the system was even more stable and professional: in fact, Cablowind combines in a single accessory both the function of an additional weight and that of a channel for electrical cables, and it is installed on the back of the ballasts without drilling any fixing holes. In this way, the wind resistance is even more solid, and the possibility of housing electrical cables inside makes the installation look tidier and more professional.

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