D'Antonio Energie SRL - Chieti, Italy

D'Antonio Energie SRL

Chieti, Italy

10 kWp


When photovoltaic systems are realized on small flat surfaces, space optimization becomes a fundamental requirement: for this reason Sun Ballast has developed the Sail Shaped System, a simple, efficient and quick-to-install solution that makes the most of the entire available surface area.

The photovoltaic system visible in the photo – of 10 kWp – was realized by our client D’Antonio Energie on the flat roof of a bar in the province of Chieti, and thanks to the 5° Vela system, the installation of the structures took place with great ease, without the need to drill any fixing holes and reducing installation time by more than 30%.

In fact, the Vela system-available in both 5° and 11° tilt versions-is composed of several ballasts, each made with a different height. In fact, this feature makes it possible to completely avoid shading between rows of PV panels, giving the possibility to place the rows consecutively one to the other with increasing height. The space between them can therefore be reduced (even to zero), optimizing the area dedicated to the system and ensuring, even on small areas, high levels of efficiency and performance.

In addition, to ensure maximum safety, additional “U” weights have been placed on the ballasts: these accessories can easily and quickly increase the overall strength of the installation, increasing the stability of the photovoltaic panels and maximizing the system’s resistance to wind and snow loads.

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