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Vicenza, Italy

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Three different ballasts for maximum wind resistance: the Connect system from Sun Ballast offers photovoltaic systems built on flat roofs the highest level of stability, efficiency, and resistance to even the most intense weather conditions.

The three structures-front ballast, middle ballast, and end ballast-are designed to be able to connect all the ballasts (and therefore all the panels) of which the system is composed: the structures are thus united in one large interconnected grid, which makes it possible not only to guarantee a very high resistance to the stresses arising from wind and snow, but also to distribute the loads on the roof in a perfectly balanced way.

The system visible in the photo was built in Sossano (Vicenza) by our client COS.IM.EL. S.R.L. with the 10° tilt version, and thanks to the Connect system the installation took place quickly and without slowdowns, ensuring maximum stability for the photovoltaic panels and reducing installation time by more than 30 percent.

In fact, like all Sun Ballast support systems, the Connect system does not require any kind of fastening, and the installation of the structures takes place with great ease on any type of flat surface. The absence of fastening holes also concerns the additional weights, here visible on the external ballasts: again, it is sufficient to rest them directly on the structure, further increasing the overall tightness of the photovoltaic system.

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