Cegelec - Arnaud de Villeneuve, France


Arnaud de Villeneuve, France

300 kWp



Residential roofs and industrial sheds, as well as commercial establishments, green roofs and ground spaces: Sun Ballast solutions make it quick and easy to install PV systems on any type of flat surface, and ground-mounted installations are an increasingly essential resource today.

This 300 kWp PV system was installed in Arnaud de Villeneuve (France) by our customer Cegelec, and the use of Sun Ballast’s Connect 15° system made it easy to complete the installation within the timeframe agreed with the end customer, while ensuring maximum resistance to all weather stresses: in fact, the Connect system makes it possible to join all the ballasts into one large grid, stabilizing the system and ensuring the photovoltaic panels – here positioned horizontally – the highest level of tightness, even to the most intense wind and snow loads.

Thanks to the special design of the structures, the installation also did not require any fastening to the ground: after flattening the earthy surface and placing a well-leveled layer of gravel, the ballasts were in fact simply laid down, without the need for further anchoring, drilling or fixing. This reduced construction time by more than 30 percent, reducing installation costs and ensuring installers’ convenience. For this reason, Sun Ballast’s Connect system is an extremely effective and reliable solution, and it ensures PV systems-even ground-mounted ones-the highest level of safety, longevity and efficiency.

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