Carboff Italia - Arzignano - Italy

Carboff Italia

Arzignano - Italy

80 kWp



Large surfaces, great resistance: Sun Ballast’s Connect system is the perfect solution for all designers and installers looking for a support structure for photovoltaic modules that ensures maximum resistance to wind and snow loads, even when the plants reach remarkable dimensions.

With the Connect system, all ballasts are interconnected, forming a single large collaborative grid: the resistance to wind and all atmospheric stresses is thus very high, and the weight distribution on the cover is balanced over the entire surface.

In the picture you can see the latest realization of Carboff Italia, an 80 kwp plant installed on the roof of an industrial building in Arzignano, in the province of Vicenza: considering the size of the surface and the power of the plant, the Connect 10 system appeared to be the perfect solution to ensure a stable, efficient and reliable result; the Sun Ballast Technical Office also offered constant and professional support during all phases of the work, from dimensioning calculations to many small tips to make mounting even easier and faster.

The quality of the Sun Ballast facilities, combined with the expertise of the technical service, has thus allowed to create a safe, solid and highly productive PV system.

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