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Bologna, Italy

12 kWp



Constructed on a countryside terrain in San Giovanni in Persiceto – a few kilometers from Bologna – the latest facility by C.ST SCARL generates over 12 kW of clean energy. It was executed with remarkable simplicity and speed: a small layer of rocks was laid on the grassy surface, and the weights were placed directly on the ground. This method, requiring no further ground attachment, facilitated swift and seamless installation of the structures, ensuring high stability, wind resistance, and maximum flexibility during installation.

The Sun Ballast Single-File system – here in the 20° version, available in a wide range of inclinations from 0° to 30° – enables the construction of photovoltaic installations with great ease, effortlessly adapting to various surfaces, from small green spaces to flat roofs of homes, condominiums, and industrial facilities.

The ability to easily adjust both the length of the photovoltaic panel rows and the distance between them provides the Single-File system with remarkable versatility. Additionally, the integration of extra weights – visible here on the external ballasts – ensures maximum stability even under intense windy conditions. Just like the structures, the installation of additional weights is incredibly simple: there is no need for any fixing holes; the weights are placed directly on the ballast, significantly enhancing the overall reliability of the photovoltaic system in just a few minutes.

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