BM Impianti - Fano (Italy)

BM Impianti

Fano (Italy)

5.2 kWp


A terrace of a tiled house with little space where you can install a photovoltaic system. The perfect solution is Sun Ballast Sail system. Yes, because Sail system as well as all the Sun Ballast structures do not require holes in the roof to be installed but just place them, avoiding breakages and infiltration problems.
To protect the cover, a rubber sheath is placed under the ballast which also has the function of preventing slippage.
The Sail system also has the characteristic of taking up little space thanks to the fact that it is not necessary to leave space between one row and another of the photovoltaic panels. For this reason our customer BM Impianti chose it to build this 5.2 kWp system.

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