BM Impianti - Montemoro - Italy

BM Impianti

Montemoro - Italy

6 kWp



Montemoro is a small village in the green hills of Ascoli, a perfect place to relax, but also an area particularly suitable for the generation of electricity from photovoltaic systems: the absence of large buildings and their shading makes the hilly areas definitely suitable for the installation of plants, and Sun Ballast solutions ensure maximum simplicity in all situations.

Made with the Standard system in version 10, this system reaches almost 6 kwp of power and has been mounted quickly and without any hitch: the Standard system allows in fact maximum freedom of installation, and not requiring any fixing guarantees the perfect integrity of any type of cover, even the most delicate.

The last installation of BM Impianti was carried out on the sheathed roof of a residential building, and the installation of the structures has not affected in any way the protective functions of the surface.

Il risultato è un impianto solido e di alta qualità, montato rispettando senza difficoltà le tempistiche concordate con il cliente e assicurandone la massima soddisfazione, sia sotto il profilo dell’affidabilità che da un punto di vista produttivo.

The addition of Cablowind and the additional weight of 30 kg has finally allowed to reach the highest level of stability and resistance, distributing the loads evenly and ensuring the photovoltaic panels maximum efficiency and longevity.

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