BM Impianti - Castelplanio - Italy

BM Impianti

Castelplanio - Italy

15.39 kWp



Three structures, a single grid: the Connect system represents the ideal solution for all those looking for a solid, reliable and resistant photovoltaic system, even to the most intense stresses deriving from strong winds or large loads of snow.

The system is made up of three different types of structure: an initial ballast, one positioned along the central part of the plant and a terminal one. Once the installation has been completed and the panels have been fixed, the result is a single grid of many interconnected ballasts, an extremely stable network of structures which is also light at the same time: the loads are in fact distributed uniformly over the entire roof surface, avoiding to concentrate the weights in narrow points and making the system solid and well balanced.

The one installed by our customer BM Impianti in Castelplanio (AN) generates 15.39 KWp of clean energy, and thanks to the Connect system – here with an inclination of 15° – the duration and productivity of the panels are ensured. In fact, the high quality of the Sun Ballast structures guarantees a stable and safe system in all weather conditions and on all types of flat surfaces, offering installers a simple, quick and versatile solution.

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