APB ENERGY - Haute-Provence - France


Haute-Provence - France

8.5 kWp



An interesting project was carried out by our client APB ENERGY in the Haute Provence area in France. Sun Ballast structures were used to support some solar panels that have the aim of producing the energy necessary for the operation of a solar pumping system.

What is it about? The pump, powered by sunlight, draws from the self-powered retention basin and distributes the water to the surrounding land. A system in which the solar energy produced by photovoltaic panels is not stored but used immediately for the operation of the pump.

The ballasts of the Standard System, thanks to their extreme versatility, adapt perfectly to any flat surface and to any space, easily managing to avoid obstacles and shadows, which is why they could only be the most suitable choice for the realization of this extremely innovative and 100% ecological. 

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