Antaridi S.r.l - Pesaro - Italy

Antaridi S.r.l

Pesaro - Italy

600 kWp


More than a thousand photovoltaic panels, extremely high wind resistance and as much as 600 kWp of clean electricity: this large photovoltaic system was built by Antaridi S.r.l on the large flat roof of a shopping center in Pesaro by adopting ballasts from Sun Ballast’s Connect 5° system as support structures.

Composed of three different types of structure – front, middle and terminal ballast – the Connect system offers photovoltaic installations an extremely high level of stability and wind resistance: in fact, the ballasts are united in a single grid, which by connecting all the structures and all the modules together guarantees the installation the highest level of safety and resistance to the mechanical stresses generated by atmospheric phenomena, even the most intense ones. In this way the loads are distributed over the entire roof in a perfectly balanced way: a great advantage, especially when the photovoltaic installation – as in this case – reaches important dimensions.

Despite its very high wind resistance, Sun Ballast’s Connect system also ensures simple, fast and flexible installation: the numerous obstacles on the surface – chimneys, skylights, ventilators, etc. – were circumvented with great ease, quickly modulating the length of the rows according to the geometry of the roof, making the best use of all available space, and ensuring the perfect integrity of the sheathing to the roof.

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