Amaranto Group – Energia Prima - Ripalimosani - Italy

Amaranto Group – Energia Prima

Ripalimosani - Italy

62 kWp



Space optimization, high wind resistance, and constant energy production: Sun Ballast East-West system has so many advantages, and ensures the creation of an extremely solid, efficient and productive photovoltaic systems.

The particular arrangement of the modules makes it possible to significantly increase the amount of solar radiation to which they are exposed: the double orientation distributes the generation of electricity from sunrise to sunset, maximizing production even when the building is not blessed with an optimal exposure.

A great advantage, which is combined with the high level of wind resistance and stability: the opposition of the rows in fact reduces the sail effect to zero, increasing the seal and the overall reliability of the installation.

The one realized by Amaranto Group – Energia Prima on this large flat surface in Ripalimosani (Molise) reaches over 62 kWp of power: the modularity of East-West system – here with an inclination of 10° – has made it possible to make the most of all the space available on the roof, easily avoiding the obstacles on the surface and ensuring simple, fast and long-lasting installation.

In fact, the quality of Sun Ballast solutions is also reflected in the materials used for the production of ballasts: a true guarantee of longevity and resistance, which makes systems built with Sun Ballast solutions perfect examples of efficiency, durability and reliability.

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