Altherr Gossau AG - Waldstatt, Switzerland

Altherr Gossau AG

Waldstatt, Switzerland

12 kWp


This 12 kWp photovoltaic system was installed in Waldstatt, a small mountain village nestled in the Swiss Alps, not far from the Austrian border and a few kilometers from the beautiful Lake Constance.

Thanks to Sun Ballast solutions, our client Altherr Gossau AG was able to carry out the installation quickly and easily, making the flat surface present on the roof of this commercial building useful and productive: not requiring any fastening, the installation of the ballasts was very easy, and the wide range of versions available for the Standard system made it possible to select the most suitable structure for the specific characteristics of the installation.

In fact, the inclinations of the Standard system range from 0° to 30°, and depending on the model chosen, the ballasts are also available with different heights from the ground: in this installation, the 5°.2 model was used, to which – on the ballasts exposed on the perimeter of the building – additional weights were added. Quickly applied without any anchoring, these “U-shaped” weights are placed directly on the ballasts, increasing the windtightness and providing the installation with even greater strength and stability, even in intense snowfall or strong gusts of wind.

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