Almeida Costruzioni S.r.l. - Palermo - Italy

Almeida Costruzioni S.r.l.

Palermo - Italy

88.2 kWp


The optimization of the available spaces is one of the key elements in the design of an efficient and productive photovoltaic system.

For those looking for maximum efficiency, without sacrificing safety and simplicity, the Sun Ballast Vela system therefore represents the ideal solution: by eliminating the space between the rows of panels, this system makes it possible to exploit all the space available on the roof, while at the same time allowing you to quickly get around any obstacle.

The Vela 5° system installed by Almeida Costruzioni S.r.l. on this flat paved roof of Palermo reaches 88.2 kWp of power, and to best guarantee its safety, our Technical Department has recommended the installation of a very useful accessory: Cablowind.

In addition to significantly increasing the solidity and resistance of the system, Cablowind also performs the function of duct, allowing installers to house the electrical cables with order and professionalism.

Like our ballasts, the Sun Ballast accessories also do not need to be fixed to the roof: installation is therefore quick and easy, and the integrity of the surfaces is completely guaranteed.

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