ABCLOG S.R.L. - Berbenno di Valtellina - Italy


Berbenno di Valtellina - Italy

33.20 kWp



On the flat roof of a building adjacent to a football field, in a small town with a breathtaking view, our customer ABCLOG S.R.L has installed this photovoltaic system capable of producing 33.20 kwp. For this installation, the structures of Connect system were selected, the ideal ballasts for having a stable system without fixing the ballast and drilling the cover on which they are installed, so as to prevent unpleasant water infiltration. The stability of Connect ballasts is given precisely by the intrinsic characteristics of the system, consisting of three concrete ballasts, linked together, which form a real lattice. In addition to stability, the other interesting advantage provided by this system certainly lies in the homogeneous distribution of the weight of the ballast which thus does not place an excessive burden on the roof. As you can also see from the photos, the system adapts well to every need, in fact the rows of panels can be interrupted to easily avoid obstacles on the roof.

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