Commitment to the community

Our commitment to the community

Sun Ballast pursues broader goals by supporting associations that promote important messages. We ensure that these messages reach as many people as possible by organizing meetings and exchanges between institutions and associations.

75° World Human Rights Day

For many years Sun Ballast has been actively supporting the Association for Human Rights and Tolerance, an international organization active worldwide in the area of Human Rights education and protection.

This year – during the special conference held on December 7 and 8 at the UN Headquarters in Geneva on the occasion of the 75th World Human Rights Day – Sun Ballast Quality Director, Lisa Calamai, had the opportunity to represent the company and renew her support for the Association, sharing with an audience of thousands of businesspeople, public bodies, diplomats and NGOs all the principles on which Sun Ballast’s civic commitment and Business Ethics are based.

Indeed, Equality, Inclusiveness, Peace, Solidarity and Social Justice represent timeless and profoundly relevant values, and Sun Ballast constantly strives to be at the forefront of their protection and dissemination. Because – alongside indispensable individual efforts – change also comes through business.

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Tunisie Challenge

Thanks to our collaboration with the “Say No to Drugs” group, which works globally to prevent drug addiction, we went to the desert in 2023. We joined the Tunisie Challenge, a big car race, for fun and friendly competition. It was a chance for us to share our company’s important values with hundreds of people.

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15th edition of "Marateale"

The town of Maratea, nestled between the mountains and the Tyrrhenian coast of Basilicata (and just a few kilometers from Sun Ballast’s Lagonegro headquarters), represents a place rich in history, art and incredible natural beauty. Also, from July 25-29, it hosted the 15th edition of “Marateale,” a film festival of increasingly international significance.

The 2023 edition dedicated an entire section of the festival to the theme of socio-environmental sustainability, and Sun Ballast-in collaboration with the Association for Human Rights and Tolerance-is truly pleased to have participated and contributed to the event as an official sponsor, bringing to the attention of the festival’s many (and distinguished) guests such an on-going theme as Rights and their protection.

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Southern Italy logistics hub

A new logistics hub will be opened in Basilicata by 2023. The choice of location was not accidental but strongly desired by the owner of Sun Ballast, a native of that area. The goal is to bring opportunities and jobs to these oft-forgotten territories, leading to a motivation for people to stay and avoid depopulation of the regions. In these contexts, opening businesses offers the highest value for young people and families, and brings expansion and prosperity to local communities.

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Courses of study

By the end of the year we will implement specific study courses at the IEXS School aimed at the young workers of tomorrow. The training program will cover topics related to business organization according to the administrative technology promoted by Hubbard College. The goal is to give young students the opportunity to acquire concrete skills and abilities that can be used in the workplaces of tomorrow.

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School-company exchange

By the end of 2022 an in-house pathway will be activated, in which young people from the IEXS School will be placed in Sun Ballast divisions to pursue training in line with their studies and personal aptitudes, helping them to break into the workforce.

Our goal for 2023 is to be able to train and place at least 5 students who will be able to use the knowledge gained to pursue their own life paths.

The IEXS School aims to create a network of schools ranging from Nursery School to University, aimed at training students so that they acquire the logical, emotional and moral skills to be able to pursue and realize their dreams.

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The art of networking: “Infinity”

Art and business come together to make new connections!

An exhibition promoted by two artists, Carlo A. Prete and Toshy Dutch Artist, and attended by more than 100 companies.

An event that Sun Ballast supported and in which we took part, because we believe in art, in new languages and ways of communication that may seem distant but come together to create something new. Art brings people together, creating connections and networks of relationships that provide well-being for the community.

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A Drug-Free World

The Foundation for a Drug-Free World is a nonprofit, made up of a global network of volunteers who spend their days giving youth and adults fact-based information about drugs so they can make informed decisions.

Sun Ballast has chosen to work through and with this foundation to convey an important and oft-underestimated message, especially among younger people, to let them know the destructive effects drugs can have through real-life testimonies. We offer younger people an experience in contact with a reality that is all too often underestimated, promoting meetings and fostering occasions for encounters and communication.

In 2022 alone, we have already held 4 different meetings to connect the association with schools and sports activities in the area. Our goal is to be able to organize at least 10 more meetings during 2023.

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MotoClub Revolution

MotoClub Revolution was founded in 2008 for the purpose of uniting all lovers of motorcycles – a symbol of freedom – in one big family.

For several years now, the association has linked its motorcycle and recreational initiatives to social initiatives, taking important messages to the streets all over Italy and the world: the fight against all kinds of drugs, equality of the sexes, and environmental protection and preservation.

In 2021, Sun Ballast chose to support this association so that such important messages could reach as many people as possible.

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