Commitment to people

Our commitment to people

Conducting a business responsibly also means, and perhaps most importantly, doing so with respect for the people involved in it. Our goal is to build a company that employees, partners and contractors are proud to work with.

Family Day

A day dedicated to families, fun, sports and relaxation, but especially the perfect opportunity to share together with the whole team the many satisfactions achieved during the year: the Sun Ballast Family Day represents an important moment of unity, which allows our team to strengthen friendships in a serene and relaxed environment, making the Sun Ballast team more solid, numerous and compact every year.

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Company meals

We ensure that our employees can take their lunch breaks at restaurants with which we have an agreement in place. This not only allows them to have good, fresh-made food easily accessible, but also allows them to disconnect for a few hours and share moments of relaxation and socialization with other employees. Time to communicate and get to know one another is the fuel of corporate consciousness and a sense of belonging. Spending most of one’s time in a family environment is a big step forward for the workers’ spirits.

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Baby Bonus

We support new parents through a family allowance for each newborn. The early stages when a new baby arrives are always the most delicate. We believe that concrete support for parents, both through financial compensation and in maximum flexibility in being able to manage their own work schedules in the best interest of the child, can offer them greater stability and certainty and ability to better plan their own and their children’s futures.

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Insertion program

Each new Sun Ballast employee is given an insertion program designed specifically for the role and position he or she will be filling. This training aims to provide new hires with all the tools to fully understand administrative technology and to develop, through specific courses related to their area, skills and knowledge that will help them be more efficient.

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The Female Factor

Over 50% of Sun Ballast workers are women, and they are present in every corporate role. In fact, looking just at managerial roles, more than half are women.
We did not have to implement specific policies to achieve this result: gender equality is simply natural, and is the basis of good administration as well as evidence of good citizenship. What drives a strong organization is talent and meritocracy, and these concepts have nothing to do with the person’s gender.

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