Sun Ballast is there, with raw materials always available

The shortage of raw materials, including aluminum, is creating significant problems for companies in the sector, but not for Sun Ballast, which works with concrete and has stocks of products located at hundreds of distributors throughout Europe.

The dizzying growth in demand, the difficulties in transport (see the Ever Given ship stranded in the Suez Canal), the inevitable increase in prices: there are many factors behind the shortage of raw materials that is causing various problems for companies.

Among the materials in question, aluminum, one of the most used components in our photovoltaic structures sector.

Sun Ballast builds most of its concrete structures, which is why it is able to fulfill every request on time and in the first 5 mounths of 2021 it even increased production by 46%

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And our speed of execution allows the customer to have the product in a short time.

To achieve this, we produce thousands of ballasts every week: not only to meet demand, but also to create a warehouse stock that is always ready and available, in Italy and in Europe.

In fact, Sun Ballast collaborates with hundreds of distributors throughout Europe, who do not limit themselves to selling products, but also displace warehouses, so that the photovoltaic structures are always close to the end customer, wherever he is.

For this reason, even in a complex international situation, Sun Ballast is there, it is ready and guarantees excellent products and services, always respecting deadlines.

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