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Sun Ballast is a security also in France

We have been admitted to the process that will lead us to obtain the ETN certificate, which validates the technical characteristics of our products according to the parameters of the French market


Sun Ballast structures are increasingly in demand in all European markets, including the French market, which is why we decided to subject the systems in our catalog to various certification processes.

After the ISO 9001:2015 certification, we chose to obtain the important ETN by relying on the test institute Alpes Contrôles, an independent agency that takes care of the evaluation process and the granting of the certificate.


The ETN certificate: a guarantee for all French operators and Sun Ballast customers


ETN – Enquête Tecnique Nouvelle, in English New Technical Survey – is a specific certificate for the French market that allows us to offer the high quality of our products to all French construction operators: builders, installers, electricians and other professionals working in this field. The process to obtain an “equivalent” qualification differs between countries and not all certifications support or reflect the same standards.


Strict parameters to certify absolute quality


To obtain ETN certification, it is necessary to prepare a technical document detailing all the technical characteristics of the facilities. In this specific case, we at Sun Ballast have deepened into the parameters that distinguish our concrete ballasts in the different configurations Standard, Sail, Connect and East-West.


The full description of the analysis includes:

  • quality assurance of the production process

– definition and scope of use of the manufacturing process of our systems;

– material analysis:

  • legal prerequisites
  • manufacturing conditions, identification
  • internal and external control
  • traceability
  • sizing and implementation rules
  • sustainability conditions
  • wind tunnel testing of our systems
  • verification of static wind loads


Today, ETN certification is not just another detail, but an absolute must for any solar system manufacturer operating in France.

Great satisfaction therefore for Sun Ballast, which will be able to offer the most advanced level of safety to all those who choose its products.

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