With Sun Ballast's No-Flex, the strength of large solar panels increases by 46%: test results

With six mounting points, the stability of large photovoltaic panels is greatly increased: fluid dynamic tests conducted on Sun Ballast’s No-Flex system have highlighted the advantages of a six-point mounting solution, starting with resistance to bending and ability to withstand high winds.




Innovation always brings with it new challenges and opportunities, especially in a sector as vibrant as photovoltaics. Among the most significant trends in recent years is the constant increase in size of solar panels. Progress in this field is not only about the quality of materials used or the level of efficiency achieved: the size of the panels themselves has also grown. This is an advantageous development that can lead to an overall reduction in costs along with an increase in photovoltaic system efficiency. Alongside the potential advantages, however, large panels also require specific precautions: with an increase in size comes an increased risk of bending, especially when – as in the latest generation of solar panels – the frame of the panel is also thinner. Stress from weather such as wind and snow can also cause dangerous bending over the long term or during extreme events, especially in the central part of the module, compromising both its function and longevity. For this reason, the Sun Ballast Technical Department has developed No-Flex, a simple, effective and quick-to-install solution especially designed to provide large panels with maximum strength and stability.


Since 2012, Sun Ballast’s goal has been to provide photovoltaic system designers and installers with solutions that are both quick and easy to install. The innovative No-Flex system now joins the product lineup, specifically designed for large solar panels. No-Flex offers a very simple solution to the issue of bending, offering maximum stability to even the largest solar panels: the special steel bracket on the extra ballast allows the panel to be affixed on its central part, which is the area most prone to bending. This increases the number of fastening points from four to six. The manufacturer’s specified support parameters are precisely adhered to, and the structure becomes extremely stable even in strong winds. Compared to other systems on the market, No-Flex stands out for this greater number of fastening points: this unique feature offers large photovoltaic panels an unparalleled resistance to high winds and snow loads. This has been proven by tests



The fluid dynamic tests make it clear: in terms of strength and stability, six fastening points are much better than four. Wind tunnel experiments carried out by Sun Ballast’s Research and Development department in collaboration with Asotech – a leader in the field of mechanical design and analysis – made it possible to precisely determine all the parameters related to the panel’s strength and the resistance of the fastening components, comparing the results of traditional systems (with only four fastening points) with those achieved by No-Flex. Results were remarkable: the additional two fastening points and the central support bracket meant that with No-Flex, resistance to glass breakage improved by 12% and the mechanical resistance of the frame increased by as much as 46%, when compared to structures with only four fastening points. This significantly improves the longevity of the panels and the overall reliability of the whole photovoltaic system. The data on the durability of the fastening components are no less impressive: thanks to the multi-point load distribution, with No-Flex the structural strength of the staples rises by 200% compared to other systems, reaching a 400% increase in the verification of the yield strength of the bolts. What if the panel catches the wind and warps? Here too, No-Flex is the ideal solution, preventing the module from slipping off and ensuring it stays anchored even in very high winds. 

Simple, effective, and quick to install, No-Flex allows you to take advantage of the full potential of large solar panels, ensuring maximum efficiency, longevity, and resistance to all weather conditions.

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