Vermietung und Verpachtung - Alte Ludwigsstädterstr - Germany

Vermietung und Verpachtung

Alte Ludwigsstädterstr - Germany

24 kWp



The Connect system has among its main features that of the resistance but it is also fast and easy to install. This plant built in Germany was installed by only two people in just 6 hours, thanks to the ease of installation of Sun Ballast systems. In fact the installation time falls drastically until you get a saving of about 70% compared to traditional systems, this is especially because it is not necessary to assemble the structure and not even drill holes on the cover to fix it.

The Sun Ballast structures in fact have the double function of support for the panels and extra ballast, in particular the Connect System, thanks to its structure that sees the ballasts connected to each other in a sort of grid, is extremely resistant to wind actions even without the addition of additional weights, this without overloading the cover on which it is installed and managing on the contrary, to distribute the weight evenly. All these advantages in a single system have made it possible to build a plant capable of producing up to 24 kWh of renewable energy. 

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