Herzele - Belgium

45 kWp



Easily modulable row spacing, no holes in the roof and a wide range of inclinations available: the Standard system by Sun Ballast – here in the 5°.2 version – represents a real point of reference in the world of support structures for photovoltaic systems on surfaces flat.

The possibility of selecting both the inclination and the height from the surface, combined with the construction quality and the high level of solidity, constitutes a great advantage, particularly appreciated by all installers who are looking for quick and easy solutions to assemble, but which guarantee at the same time an efficient and reliable photovoltaic system.

The one built in Herzele (Belgium) by our customer Sunflower Solutions generates a good 45 kWp of clean energy, and the installation took place in a very short time: in fact, all Sun Ballast structures do not require any fastening to the roof.

A great advantage, especially when the surface – as often happens on large commercial buildings – is covered by the sheath: in fact, to guarantee total impermeability, it is essential that the material is not damaged in any way, and Sun Ballast ballasts represent the ideal solution for any type of coverage, even for the most delicate ones

Finally, the application of additional weights made it possible to achieve the maximum level of resistance to all weather conditions, guaranteeing a solid, stable and productive plant.

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