Solalpes Energie SA - Monségur SION - Svizzera

Solalpes Energie SA

Monségur SION - Svizzera

5 kWp



There are no small spaces in order to accommodate photovoltaic panels, especially when the system used to support them has the purpose of optimizing all the available space, thus managing to achieve the desired renewable energy production objectives.

The East-West system, thanks to the particular back to back positioning, not only manages to exploit the space usually left free between the rows of panels but also manages to exploit solar energy during all hours of the day. In fact, this system was created to respond to production needs in all those situations in which it is not possible to position the panels with a southern orientation.

Our customer Solalpes Energie SA thanks to the qualities listed above of the Sun Ballast system has managed to build a small plant, on a concrete flat roof, capable of producing 5kw of renewable energy.

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