SMV ENERGY LTD - Trambesh - Bulgaria


Trambesh - Bulgaria

30 kWp



The enthusiastic comment left by our customer SMV ENERGY LIMITED speaks to the ease and speed with which they were able to install their photovoltaic system, using the Connect ballasts with an inclination of 30°.
A ground-mounted system can have many benefits for the productivity of the plant, helping to maintain an ideal temperature for the solar panels to prevent them from overheating.
But ground installations have their own challenges that must be taken into account, including all the characteristics of the surface you want to construct the plant on. This will influence your choice of supports to be used for the photovoltaic panels. It is particularly crucial to level the ground before proceeding with installation, to make it stable and ready to accommodate the ballasts.
In this specific case, our customer has also chosen to use a cloth fabric that acts as a barrier and prevents excessive growth of vegetation.
Despite these necessary precautions, installations made with Sun Ballast supports are still more convenient than installations made with traditional structures.

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