Sirio Electronic Services srl  - Pietrasanta - Italy

Sirio Electronic Services srl

Pietrasanta - Italy

14.4 kWp



A single grid of ballast interconnected to ensure maximum resistance to the photovoltaic system in all weather conditions: in terms of stability and tightness the Connect system of Sun Ballast is a real guarantee, both in the case of small domestic plants and plants on large industrial plants.

Consisting of three different ballasts – a front, a central and a terminal – the Connect system is the perfect solution when the goal is to ensure the highest level of tightness and resistance, even to the most intense suction stress. The concatenation of all the structures in a single collaborative network allows in fact to distribute the wind loads in an extremely balanced way over the entire roof, offering the photovoltaic panels maximum stability, even in the presence of particularly adverse weather events.

The last 14.4 kwp plant of our customer Sirio Electronic Services was built on the roof floor of a residential building in Pietrasanta, in the province of Lucca, and the Connect 10 system has made installation not only stable and durable, but also easy and fast: the ballasts did not in fact require any anchorage to the surface, and the laying took place quickly and without any hitch.

The integrity of the flooring has also been guaranteed by the special rubber sheaths positioned under the structures: in addition to further increasing the solidity of the system, the sheaths prevent direct contact of the ballast with the cover, completely avoiding any risk of damage to the surface.

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