Perfekt Solar e.K - Dießen am Ammersee - Germany

Perfekt Solar e.K

Dießen am Ammersee - Germany

15.375 kWp



When you find yourself having to install a photovoltaic system on flat a roof so full of obstacles and without the possibility of being fixed because it is covered with gravel, you need to rely on an extremely versatile photovoltaic structure such as Sun Ballast.
In this case, our Sail system with 11 ° degrees of inclination was chosen because it allows to exploit all the space of the roof thanks to the fact that it is not necessary to leave space between the rows of photovoltaic panels.
It also has the further advantage of being able to be installed even with single ballast without the need to install all three ballasts that make up the system. This allows installers to easily circumvent obstacles on the roof simply by skipping the row of the panel. The junction bars between and behind the ballasts make it a single monolithic block extremely resistant to the wind.
Thanks to all these unique features, our customer Perfekt Solar e.K has built a photovoltaic system capable of producing 15,375 kWp of clean energy.

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