Oprar Renewable - Lecce - Italy

Oprar Renewable

Lecce - Italy

100 kWp

A large plant capable of producing about 100 kWp of clean energy the one realized by our customer Oprar Renewable in Lecce. Thanks to the support and experience of Sun Ballast technical department, which was based on the needs and requirements of our customer, the choice of ballasts to be used fell on those belonging to the Sail system with an inclination of 5 °.

This system consists of 5 ballast modules of different heights positioned adjacent to each other so as to be able to make the most of all the space present on the roof without leaving the empty space between the different rows of ballast. A space saving of almost 20% compared to traditional systems. Furthermore, this system also allows you to use only one or a few rows of panels so as to respond even more effectively to the presence of obstacles, such as fireplaces, antennas and skylights.

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