Oggier Haustechnik GmbH  - Susten - Switzerland

Oggier Haustechnik GmbH

Susten - Switzerland

11 kWp



East-West Sun Ballast system is the best solution when you are in situations of bad orientation of the building and at the same time you want to optimize the space available. Its structure with double orientation of the ballasts in fact allows the panels to be positioned adjacent to each other and this allows to recover the space that is usually left empty between the different rows of panels.

Furthermore, the double orientation allows to produce energy continuously during all hours of the day, a solution that allows to increase the yield in self-consumption and optimize the space available. Thanks to this type of photovoltaic structure with an inclination of 8 ° K, our customer Oggier Haustechnik GmbH managed to create a system capable of producing 11 kWp of clean energy with only two people in a very short time, thus reducing the cost per Kw.

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