LGI Sinergie - Miane (TV)

LGI Sinergie

Miane (TV)

55 kWp



This 55 kWp photovoltaic system on a flat roof was installed by our client LGI Sinergie on the roof of an industrial building in the province of Treviso. Thanks to Sun Ballast’s 10° Single-Row system, the installation was completed with great ease and without difficulty, respecting the agreed-upon delivery times.


The photovoltaic weights used in this system do not require any roof fixing holes, providing a simple and extremely versatile solution suitable for all types of flat roofs. The concrete weights used in the Single-Row system are available in a wide range of inclinations (from 0° to 30°), allowing for the attachment of PV panels both horizontally and vertically, and offering the flexibility to freely adjust not only the length of the module rows but also the distance between them.


This makes positioning the photovoltaic weights much simpler and faster, allowing for easy adaptation of the PV system configuration to the specific characteristics of the roof. In addition to small chimneys, the roof visible in the photo features some linear elevations that divide the surface of the facility into various sections: thanks to Sun Ballast’s structures for PV panels, managing these obstacles posed no problems, and the distance between the weights was freely adjusted, considering both impediments and potential shading, providing installers with a quick and user-friendly solution.

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