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4.5 kWp



The covering sheath used on many flat roofs of buildings, industrial sheds or even homes could be a problem for the construction of a photovoltaic system, but it is not for Sun Ballast and its ballasts for photovoltaic modules.

The Sun Ballast supports are ideal for all flat roofs because they do not require holes to be fixed to the ground and are simply laid down, this means that the roof, like the sheath in this case, remains unchanged, maintaining all its protective features and waterproofing.

The ballasts, not being fixed, could suggest the lack of resistance, but tests carried out in fluid dynamics laboratories show that the Sun Ballast systems reach a wind resistance even higher than 150 km/h. One of the Sun Ballast patented systems is the Connect system, i.e. the one used by our customer KG IMPIANTI Srl for a PV installation on a flat roof.

The Connect system is a chain of solid and productive concrete ballasts which in this case has allowed our customer to build a plant capable of producing up to 4.5 kWp of green energy quickly and easily.

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