Milano - Italy

20.8 kWp



Three different ballasts for a single collaborative grid: the Sun Ballast Connect system represents an innovative, solid and effective solution, the best when the objective is to guarantee the photovoltaic system the highest level of stability and resistance to mechanical stress deriving from wind and atmospheric agents.

A solution particularly used in large systems, but increasingly widespread also for small and medium-sized installations: the versatility of Sun Ballast structures makes it possible to take advantage of any type of roofing – from green roofs to slated sheaths – guaranteeing maximum resistance.

The possibility of easily modulating the length of the rows also makes it possible to adapt the systems to the specific layout of the surfaces, avoiding obstacles and making all the spaces available on the roof useful and productive.

For this 20.8 kWp system realized on a condominium in Milan by our client Iniziativenergetiche, the Connect 10° system by Sun Ballast has made it possible to achieve the highest level of resistance and stability, while limiting the weights and balancing the loads on the surface: the particular lattice structure allows them to be distributed over the entire roof, while ensuring maximum productivity even during the most intense winds.

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