IM-EL-OSASIO - Savona, Italy


Savona, Italy

12.8 kWp


The speed of installation of a photovoltaic system reduces the costs per Kw of the system itself. This is one of the main advantages of the Sun Ballast that combine two different functions in a single element: anchoring ballast and support for solar panels.

All this without having to drill the cover to fix the support structure of the panels, thus avoiding possible water infiltration, costs for various bolts and wasted time to assemble the components. Thanks to the solution of the Sun Ballast Standard System with 10 ° inclined ballasts, our customer IM-EL-OSASIO was able in just two days and with a team of two people, to install this beautiful photovoltaic system capable of producing 12.8 kWp of renewable energy.

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